GAMSTOP UK: Play or Not to Play When You’re Self-Excluded

GAMSTOP UK: Play or Not to Play When You’re Self-Excluded

Gamblers who self-excluded through GamStop UK are supposed to refrain from gambling for at least 6 months. Yet many of them still go on making stakes with real cash. If you want to bypass the GamStop ban, you will find ways to do it. But first, you should realize whether you indeed need to do it.


Why Did You Self-Exclude?

GamStop strives to prevent gambling addiction. These are just a few symptoms of this psychological disorder.

  • You spend more time and funds on gambling than you can afford
  • Sometimes, you sacrifice work or studies for the sake of gambling
  • Your friends and relatives complain that you pay too little attention to them
  • You stop going out and practising sports because you want to devote every minute to the casino
  • You always think and talk only about gambling
  • You borrow money to spend it in the casino
  • You become easily irritated, you have bad sleep and you feel happy only when you gamble

If you notice some of these symptoms, you should discuss them with your closest people as well as a professional psychologist. On the GamStop website, you can find contacts of organizations that can consult you. Once you understand that you are developing a serious addiction, you should self-exclude.


Was Your Self-Exclusion a Mistake?

Some people apply to GamStop for other reasons:

  • They lose a large sum of money in a casino
  • They are in a destructive mood
  • They used to play at a platform that turned out to be a scam and did not pay them their winnings
  • Their partner asked them to self-exclude but then they broke up anyway
  • They failed to read the GamStop rules and did not fully realize what they were doing
  • They were drunk, sleepy or feeling unwell
  • They wanted to impress someone

There might be many more reasons when people self-exclude and regret it later. However, GamStop does not allow them to change their mind and come back to gambling until the indicated period is over. In such a situation, they have two ways out.


Keep On Gambling from an Account that Remains Unknown

To ban a player from gambling, GamStop relies on the private information and contact data that the person submits. Some gamblers fail to provide all the emails that they used to create casino accounts (deliberately or by mistake). Then can keep on making stakes from these accounts because GamStop knows nothing about them.


Sign Up for a Foreign Casino

Not any foreign platform will allow you to register on it if you self-excluded before. However, some projects have nothing against it. You will be able to gamble without any limitations, enjoy the adrenaline rush and win real cash. But again, you should be careful and control yourself to not develop an addiction.


Final Thoughts

Gambling addiction is a serious psychological disorder that might ruin your life. If you suspect you might have it, you should stay away from casinos. But if you gamble responsibly, feel free to go on!


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