The Most Impressive Winnings in UK Online Casino History: How Is It Possible?

The Most Impressive Winnings in UK Online Casino History: How Is It Possible?

Each of us dreams of winning a big reward at an online casino. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in this. In this article, we will tell you about the biggest-ever wins in the UK casinos. If all of them have once become millionaires, so you can be the next on this list. So, let’s take a look at the most impressive wins in the UK online casinos.


1) £17.2 million, Mega Moolah

A very interesting story happened in England in 2015. A young British soldier John Heywood decided to spend some time playing the well-known creator of the millionaires – Mega Moolah slot. He placed several bets of 30 pounds in total. After 7 minutes of the game, one spin brought him over $17 million of reward. He was also included in the Guinness Book of Records as the guy who won the biggest prize in the history of online casinos. Believe it or not, but 25 cents can bring you millions.


2) £2.7 million, Mega Fortune

The UK casinos continue to impress with their generous rewards. This time, 59 y. o. Susan managed to win an impressive £2.7 million by playing Mega Fortune online slot. This woman devoted her life to looking after the elderly people of her area. After long years of hard work, she retired. What was a surprise when one lucky day, she placed bets at an online casino and won that huge jackpot! Isn’t she lucky?


3)     £4.5 million, Jackpot Giant

The second biggest prize in the history of Playtech was won by the anonymous librarian from Scotland. She managed to win impressive £4.5 million by playing Jackpot Giant slot. Meanwhile, in her interview with the local newspaper, this woman told that this reward was equal to her salary for 170 years as a librarian. It is so inspiring how a happy event can change the life of an ordinary woman.


4) £6.2 million,

Another story of how the Mega Fortune slot issued a huge prize to the ordinary person happened in December 2016. One Englishman placed a bet of £1.25 on Mega Fortune slot and got the opportunity to play the bonus game. After spinning the reels, he found himself a winner of the Mega Jackpot of £6.2 million! More excitement to this event was brought by the Christmas time. Perhaps, it was the miracle that every member of this family was looking forward to.


5) £6.3 million, Hall of Gods

There are many theories about the newbie’s luck: this story happened to the guy from Aberdeen, who managed to hit the jackpot while playing at an online casino for the first time. He started from depositing £30, and his choice was to play Hall of Gods slot machine. Can you imagine his amazement, when after placing £4 on a single spin, he won £6.3 million! This story teaches us that no one can know for sure when one will catch a fortune!

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