Online Casino Trends that You Shouldn’t Expect in 2020

Online Casino Trends that You Shouldn’t Expect in 2020

The virtual gambling market is developing at a tremendous pace. In 2020, it becomes even more interesting and offers users a lot of innovations. Among them is the development of mobile gambling, the introduction of new technologies and other interesting innovations. However, there are still some trends that you shouldn’t expect until 2021. Read more about them below.


2021 Trends in Online Gambling

Social distancing and new rules have forced casino operators and affiliates to rethink the way they conduct their business to ensure customer satisfaction and positive turnover. This list of casino trends for 2021 is not complete, as we suspect other changes may occur that even we cannot predict:

  •  The rise of mobile and social gambling;
  •  New tactics for gambling promotion;
  •  Blockchain currencies as the future of casino payments;
  •  Augmented and virtual reality for a new gaming experience;
  •  Competition with major media brands;
  •  Promotion of responsible gaming programs.

Although net gambling income has increased thanks to online betting, statistics show that the popularity of mobile casino apps is growing. Not everyone has access to computers, especially in less wealthy regions. Players are more likely to have access to their smartphones than PCs.

Operators take advantage of this fact by offering applications that you can download from casino websites. You can find a few on the App Store, but this platform demonstrates its strict attitude towards real money gambling apps. However, we expect this tendency to change in 2021.

We also expect to see that operators and affiliates will use social gaming apps to push potential customers to sign up for a real game in 2021. In-game transactions are a great source of income that social gaming apps can use. So, players pay a small fee to improve their gaming experience. Mobile betting apps will soon start using similar methods to personalize the gambling experience with mobile bonuses and promos.


New Promotional Tactics from Providers

The marketing arena is also changing rapidly. The main reason is that mobile players are annoyed by advertisements while playing. There will be more casino reviews with quality content that leads to bonuses from operators. You can also see how social media platforms are finding friendly ways to attract new customers.

One aspect that didn’t take place in 2020 is domain authority. We’ve seen many online businesses that turn their attention to improving SEO rankings. We expect that domain authority will be in the spotlight in 2021.



Cryptocurrency is no longer a new payment method at online casinos. It has been widely introduced despite its slow start. More and more operators create betting sites using only cryptocurrencies as the accepted payment method. They are becoming popular due to instant deposits and payouts, while there are several rules regarding blockchain payments. Cryptocurrency will continue to grow and become one of the major casino trends in 2021 that affiliates should take advantage of now. Cryptocurrency casinos will seize the industry next year.

As you can see, 2021 will bring many interesting improvements for operators and players. So, don’t miss your chance to make a profit from them. 

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