Billy Joe Goes Green

We have been following Billie Joe for awhile now. He is someone who is know for keeping up with trends and beings “jonndownload (2)y on the spot” with certain things.

He has played Earth Fest and other environmental festivals, and a close source who lives near him says that Billie is going solar! Thats right, his Miami and his LA mansion will both be strapped to the nines with PV panels.

I have a friend that went solar recently. For those of you know who know, I have just moved to New Mexico. This friend was able to save tons of money on their energy bill by going solar. I wanted to know ” How much does solar cost?”.. The costs are usually pretty high, but not out here.

Billie must have gotten an awesome deal and he is an awesome role model for going solar and saving the planet. Another post coming soon about our sexy billie boy.