ACL Live!

I was in Austin, TX last week for Austin City Limits music festival. It was incredible to watch and an incredible show-both weekends. It’s too bad our favorite band Green Day wasn’t able to play thisACL year. But while I was there, not only was I able to hook up with a few chicks and feel like my old self again but it was an incredible thing to go out and see the commotion around the city. All the people, crowds, incredible food- it’s just incredible site. Being a small and lonely Ohio boy, it’s always good to get out of Cincinnati area.

But one of the nights we happened to take a party bus downtown and hang out at a bar until late at night. What happened that night was really incredible–I was able to hang out with Florence from Florence + the machine at the small little diner. Not just hang out with her, but we got into an in-depth conversation that lasted about two hours. I was with my friend Isaiah and we literally ate hamburgers with her. How cool, huh? Everybody else around us like, who is that guy with florence and the machine.

But anyway, the moral of the story is to explain how large crowds just really influence me to go out now. I used to be claustrophobic and never liked going out in public in front of huge crowds, but everything change when I went to my first festival back in 2007. Not only do I have a great time watching music, listening to Green Day of course, and seeing many other bands in concert broke me out of my shell. I should’ve never made it a big deal, but they say one in 10 people are agoraphobic, and I think I was one of them.

That was the same show which we able to meet Billy Joe Armstrong at a tent in the back room and really talk to him about making music, his guitars, and what it’s like to play with Tre. He was the most down to earth person I think I have ever met and I’ll never forget that day. That might just be why made this website in the first place. I still want to promote my previous post, a homage to one of my best friends growing up. It’s incredibly sad and I’m still not completely over it. Thank you all for your support and check back in the next few days the next post.