Billie Joe Armstrong Loves Cars?

Who knew that billie loved cars? I sure didn’t! Not only does he love his automobiles but he frequently buys them and lieks to remodel them! I one saw Greenday play a show in Providence, Rhode Island. They were all so amped up and young about their accomplishments, My roommate Alex told me that he went to that concert and he had the best time of his life. He loves trying to hang out with celebrity gays, because he himself is gay. He describes himself as the lion of gays- I know its weird! Anyways, he is a great person and said that he saw Billi Joe (our boy) last week. He was so excited. He was able to get his autograph and hung it on his wall!

I will be finishing this story when Alex and I ome down from the high that we’ve experience recently… check back soon….