Gay Rights Celebration

So today, something incredible has happened in the US- the United States Supreme Court has decided that no state can deny same sex marriages and deem them illegal in that state. It over-rules every states law against it, allowing gays and homosexuals around to wed.

But I wrote this post because I wanted to see what everyone thought about it? I am happy for all of them, and Billie Joe in general, because I don’t really care. I’ve never cared about things that are outside of my own business- for example, if 2 gays want to get married, why the hell would I care, one way or the other? My only concern is that the law can be exploited for tax purposes. Have you ever seen, ” I now pronounce you, Chuck and Larry”? You will know what I mean. This is my only concern. But other than that, I am happy for them.

In a rough few years for the US economy (giving us a bad name), I am actually proud of my country. It hasn’t been that often recently where I have been able to say that, and I choose to do so about it now. Its a great thing… I want to hear your thoughts an opinions about it as well. Reach out to me via  my contact info

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