Billy Joe And Gay Rights!

billieBillie Joe Armstrong is an incredible individual! One of the most incredible things that he’s done, other than make great music, is come out of the closet. In this day and age, it’s incredible that anybody ever does. To admit your homosexuality is something that must be so hard, it’s beyond comprehension. And for that reason, this weeks post is about Billy Joe, outside of music!

It was an incredible thing to see a Green Day show a few months ago, in which I was so surprised at his showmanship. In a completely non-homophobic way, I couldn’t help but notice how he pranced around the stage. He pranced around on the stage in a way, which has any manly man thinking, “ is that dude gay”? It never mattered that someone was gay to me, but someone can put off that vibe. I looked up a bunch of info about my favorite singer after I got back to my house and found that he actually indeed was gay!

But it got me thinking, why do I have a gay-dar? Why would I look at Billie Joe and just sense that he was gay? I had heard rumors about Billie Joe and that he does a lot of gay rights activism work and he donates a lot of time and money to charity causes. He really is a great guy!

What does it really take for someone to come out of the closet? Let’s go through the psychology of a gay person, and think about just what it really means for them. First of all, for a gay person, the hardest thing must be to tell close friends and family. All of these people who had no idea for the longest time, all of the sudden realize a crazy fact about you and they now they think differently of you.

Its impossible to really harbor your judgments about gay people (not in a bad way), it’s just you would act different around a guy if you knew he was gay. Like if you go to the bathroom, and a gay person is going next to you, you can try your hardest not to think that, but why do you think about it? Its erks you a bit?

Other famous gay musicians, like Boy George and Freddie Mercury made incredible marks on the music industry as well. They are incredible artists, and have the ability and creativity to think outside of the box. Their was a kid in my school, that I felt really bad for growing up. He wasn’t good looking and everybody in the class knew that he was gay. It must have wrecked his psyche. I do have to commend him for coming out of the closet in due time, as I know that it is hard to do (not from first hand experience, but I have other friends that have).
My buddies sister is a lesbian and she’s really cool. She is a really special person that brings a lot to the table and humanity as a whole. When she spent time here in Des Moines, we went golfing (driving range) all night. We went and got burgers and ate delicious food. It was really nice to see the joy that someone has in living a lesbian lifestyle. It almost brings me intense joy to see them standing up for their rights..