Gotta Love Me Some Green Day

I remember being a kid, running around the fields in Wyoming, listening to my favorite band- G daygreen day! The were such a good band back then, and got big right at the right time (when punk music was growing).  People can criticize the fact that maybe they have sold out and made unoriginal music– But to me they are still the best!

I remember when Dookie came out. I was running around the fields with my headphones on, listening to basket case. It was pure bliss. I couldn’t get enough of it. Thank god my Sony Walkman had a repeat button or else  I would have had to manually keep playing it all day… but in any case, I love Green day.

Green day came about in a time, where the punk scene was becoming more popular and getting its own pop sound. Other bands such as Reel big fish, MXPX, foo fighters, Weezer and the like, were coming out and re-branding their own genre own punk into something that many loved..

It also changed the skate scene as we know it. If you grew up in the 90’s, there an 100% chance that you went into your local skate shop and bought boards, hats, gear , shoes and immersed yourself in the gear. Also, a large part of that had to do with the music scene that coincided with it. Punk rock was that scene that took the rebellious skaters to the brink, and they both blew up together.

Every kid played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, whether they had play-station or N64, they played it. If you really listen to the music In that game, you can see a tradition that was started In the scene. It opened kids minds to these other bands and music that existed and it made the angst, hormones and pimpled pubescent life of a teen feel right at home in the rebellion. I was lucky to have friends that were really into punk and always gave me burned CD’s of the newest punk songs. I had a friend Donny Crimson that gave me all of his mix tapes and CD’s of his favorite new punk bands every week. I was amped, because he gave them out for free, or at a super cheap price with his cd burner.  Sooner or later, I was wandering in to strawberries and buying up all the punk CD’s of the era, and thoroughly enjoyed it…

Anyways, Green Day was one of these punk bands that really changed my life, and it was an incredible thing to have them around… Enjoy this mini shrine of Green day and Billie Joe below….