Billy Joe And Gay Rights!

billieBillie Joe Armstrong is an incredible individual! One of the most incredible things that he’s done, other than make great music, is come out of the closet. In this day and age, it’s incredible that anybody ever does. To admit your homosexuality is something that must be so hard, it’s beyond comprehension. And for that reason, this weeks post is about Billy Joe, outside of music!

It was an incredible thing to see a Green Day show a few months ago, in which I was so surprised at his showmanship. In a completely non-homophobic way, I couldn’t help but notice how he pranced around the stage. He pranced around on the stage in a way, which has any manly man thinking, “ is that dude gay”? It never mattered that someone was gay to me, but someone can put off that vibe. I looked up a bunch of info about my favorite singer after I got back to my house and found that he actually indeed was gay!

Gotta Love Me Some Green Day

I remember being a kid, running around the fields in Wyoming, listening to my favorite band- G daygreen day! The were such a good band back then, and got big right at the right time (when punk music was growing).  People can criticize the fact that maybe they have sold out and made unoriginal music– But to me they are still the best!

I remember when Dookie came out. I was running around the fields with my headphones on, listening to basket case. It was pure bliss. I couldn’t get enough of it. Thank god my Sony Walkman had a repeat button or else  I would have had to manually keep playing it all day… but in any case, I love Green day.

The Show Must Go On!

guitarWelcome to Paradise! Well, its not quite paradise right now, but it will be soon! The FCC Shut us down, like the rotten pigs that they are.  I will have more (underwritten) images and facts about green day and rock music back up here in a jiff… We know you’ll have the”time of your life”!!!